Arsenio hall dating history

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Ted and Whoopi had appeared inseparable in Washington during the Inauguration festivities last January.

They had been spotted together at London’s posh Savoy Hotel.

“But when you’re in a strange town, you go out at night, come back to the same hotel and it becomes a separate little world that consumes you.” A longtime movie publicist puts it more succinctly.

“Actors on location are really no different than dentists at a convention,” he says.

(For some history, see photos, page 94.) “It doesn’t happen on the [studio] lot so much,” says screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, himself a player in the Sliver shenanigans.

“I’d walk in Whoopi’s shadow for the rest of my life—I adore the woman,” Danson said, though he purportedly was talking about their future on-screen collaborations and not their private offscreen life.

Danson and Goldberg are not the only stars to have had their heads turned and their lives turned inside out of late by the intoxicating atmosphere of a movie location. “There was an immediate attraction,” says a senior member of the crew.

, the actor seemed as devoted a husband as any in Hollywood.

Danson, now 45, and his wife, Casey, 55, had been married since 1977, and they had stayed together through some tough times, including the paralyzing stroke Casey suffered while giving birth to Kate, the older of their two daughters, in 1979.

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